What Others Say

“I have had the privilege to serve with Elmer Hill for 8 years in Toastmasters International. Elmer is a thinking, analytical leader with exceptional leadership skills. He very carefully reviews all the facts and the personal input before making an important decision. He is the kind of leader under whom each team member finds themselves listened to, appreciated and motivated to perform optimally. Elmer is a great leader, an honest friend, a continuous learner and above all a thorough gentleman with a very humane mindset. I highly recommend Elmer Hill.”

Sindy Martin, CEE, CBP, DTM, PDD
March 25, 2021, Elmer worked with Sindy in the same group

“When we think of a leader the attributes that come to mind are visionary, team builder, motivator, communicator, learner, and strategic thinker. Elmer Hill, DTM, PDD has all these character qualities and more, have exhibited them in his various Toastmasters leadership roles. As a Past District Governor, I have known Elmer for some time and his wife, Sharon, a fellow Toastmaster DTM and PID. Elmer’s resume of accomplishments is exceptional, having won every noteworthy award from District Toastmaster of the Year to Distinguished leader designations and completing the herculean task, which spanned three years of splitting our former District, one of the largest into two separate districts.

While I could provide many examples of Elmer’s leadership abilities, his quiet demeanor and exhibiting grace under pressure are the most admirable personal traits. For example, his handling a significant budget reserve shortfall from the former district leader and developing strategy to handle the situation was most impressive. Moreover, Elmer’s executive experience with IBM and his technical acumen are exceptional as well and would be an asset to Toastmasters International as we move into future with technological enhancements for our membership.

There is no doubt in my mind that DTM, PDD Elmer Hill can be successful in the role of International Director.”

Dr. Charles H. Harvey, DTM, PDG

“Elmer Hill is a professional who understands the value and effectiveness of leading by example. He is a man of integrity who treats everyone with respect. Elmer is the type of servant leader that will ensure Toastmasters International will achieve its goals.”

Larry D. Brown, DTM
Past District 37 Governor 2000-2001

“I served as the D37 contest chair in the fiscal year that Elmer was the District 37 Director. Prior to that, Whenever I would see Elmer at conference or other District events he would ask “ how are you going to serve the district this year”? He has a passion for seeing others reach their full potential as leaders and is very strategic and inclusive in his thinking. I have observed that he is quiet but decisive and kind yet principled. He has a warm smile when dealing with people and a firm hand when handling conflict. I am confident that Elmer will make a wonderful International Director. I know that he will find creative and innovative ways to help his area move from ‘Good to Great’.”

Katrynah Talbert-Smith
District 37
2020-2021 Administration Manager

Elmer Hill, DTM