elmer hill dtm


Work Experience

Building and leading high performance, diverse and multicultural  teams started with my corporate experience at IBM.  I have traveled to and worked with teams in Canada, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, England and the United States creating a culture of inclusion and teamwork which was a key to project  success. 

Skills I will bring as a board  member would be critical thinking, staying calm under pressure and  crisis management. 

Strategic Planning

Highlights of my Toastmasters District leadership experience include the honor of guiding one of the largest  districts in Toastmasters through district reformation. 

As owner of a technology company, I now work with other business  executives to create strategic information technology plans. This  includes areas such as information security, asset security, business  continuity, and employee information policy.

Developing Policies

With a focus on the Toastmasters brand, the role as Club Growth  Director gave me an opportunity to improve the guest experience at  clubs. I created and implemented a district-wide Guest Welcome Packet  program. I developed policies and procedures for clubs on becoming part of the Guest Welcome Kit program and the support the district would  provide to support clubs who participated.

As a Division Director, I saw an opportunity to greatly improve the  member experience at district events.  I stepped up to the challenge and  developed a complete set of policies, procedures and training to  provide professional level audio / visual programming at district  events. The result was a superior member experience at events and a  significant expense reduction from hiring contractors.

Elmer Hill, DTM